Sanitary Aid Zimbabwe volunteers

At Sanitary Aid Zimbabwe, we welcome volunteers who want to work with us, utilizing their different skills to add value to the cause and to help make a bigger impact. If you wish to become a volunteer, please send us an email so that we can send you the volunteer registration form.

Sign Our Petition

Add your voice by signing and sharing our petition asking the Government of Zimbabwe, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and the Parliament of Zimbabwe to take action to end period poverty in Zimbabwe. The petition can be signed here: Sign here

Get Our Period Pledge Certificate

As Sanitary Aid Zimbabwe, we believe in the need to break the silence by openly talking about periods. If you pledge to do that, we have a free gift of a Period Pledge certificate that we can send to you by post. If you want your copy of the certificate, send us your postal details on email:

Partner With Sanitary Aid

We also call upon corporate organisations to partner with us by aligning our cause with your organisation's social responsibility strategy. Every contribution has a unique way of making a significant difference through shared values.